Oxenhope CE Primary School

Online Safety

Mrs Jones and the school governing body have the overarching responsibility for Online Safety in school.

Alice Jones – Headteacher

We run parent workshops in school and have ‘pop-up’ information stalls, which gives tips and ideas to parents and carers, at open days, parents’ evenings and other school events.

How we teach Online Safety


Online Safety Policy

Worried about children growing up in a modern, digital world that exposes them to the risk of exploitation? The DICE course is a support programme for parents and carers of teens and pre-teens, raising awareness around the risks for them growing up in the digital world. Further details here.

Keep Safe Online

Remote Learning Safety
Online Grooming

Are you aware of the dangers faced by children today from the internet and even the computer games they play at home? Even something as apparently innocent as Facebook or Instagram, which many primary school children are already using, can be dangerous if the child doesn’t know how to use the privacy settings or isn’t aware of the consequences of posting images of themselves which could be exploited by cyber bullies, or worse.

Below are some links to sites that can help you explore the dangers and arm yourself with knowledge that can help keep your child safe now and in the future.

Internet Safety

Many of these sites contain information for both parents and children:

For advice, help and to report abuse