Oxenhope CE Primary School


The Nest is an important part of our school. It is a comfortable, safe space, where children can work or just come for a chat with Mrs Woodhead (School inclusion & diversity officer and Pastoral lead) or with any other trusted adult within our school community.

Regular meetings with Mrs Jones (Headteacher), Heather Cooper (SENDCO) and Mrs Whitaker (Pastoral assistant) take place, to discuss any issues which will have been ‘flagged up’ by teachers or parents. We also work closely with outside agencies to find the best support.

When a child’s needs have been identified, he/she will come to The Nest for sessions, these may be timetabled or incident based, depending on the need. Parents will be informed if this is a regular arrangement. At Oxenhope, we see the Nest as an open space for all children and parents to access freely at any point during their time with us at Oxenhope.

Within the Nest, we have a range of groups to support many children across school. We have intervention groups for children who struggle with their social and emotional needs, educational needs and children who sometimes do need that extra bit of nurturing to settle them into school life and learning. Mrs Woodhead and Mrs Whitaker work closely together to deliver sessions that are targeted to each child’s needs, ensuring it is nurturing and most of all fun!

The Nest is also available for parents to visit if they need a friendly ear or some advice. Mrs Woodhead will be in The Nest at the beginning and end of each day (Monday-Thursday) if you need to speak to her. Alternatively, you can contact her through the school office on 01535 642271 if you wish to make an appointment at a different time.

Some words from Mrs Woodhead:

Hello, I’ve worked at Oxenhope Primary School since 2009 and I was a student here too.  I am so proud to still be a part of this amazing community, which in turn feels like an extended family to my own. I’ve worked with every year group as a teaching & learning support assistant.  I’ve worked 1:1 with children with special educational needs and small intervention groups.  I love that every child at our school is valued, respected, and listened to.  Through my experience, it has given me such a passion to focus on each individual child, understanding how they work and equipping them to feel confident and empowered in their learning and most importantly in them self.  My role in the Nest really drives this passion but I also enjoy building relationships with families and working together as team to find the best pathway for their child.

Some words from Mrs Whitaker:

Hello, my name is Mrs Whitaker and I have worked at Oxenhope Primary School since 2022. I have a special interest in supporting children with any Social, Emotional or Mental Health needs. I absolutely love working with Children and helping them achieve their full potential, this could be supporting them in the classroom, delivering interventions in the Nest or even just a little ‘pep talk’ in the playground. I believe it is important to build strong relationships with children by getting to know them as individuals and understanding their personalities. Once that connection is formed, they feel safe and ready to learn. The Children here at Oxenhope know they can come to me with any problem big or small. I feel very blessed that I have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.