Oxenhope CE Primary School

The Nest – Safeguarding

The Nest is a space in school where we can offer Early Help for families and children.

It is run by Mrs Dyson and Mrs Woodhead



And is overseen by Mrs Jones (Head teacher) and Miss Cooper (SENCO)




In The Nest we run short to long term 1:1 sessions, group sessions, family support and workshops.

The teamwork with outside agencies to make referrals to external professionals to ensure that our families are supported.

The Nest also offers a valuable interim support network for families awaiting CAMHS support through its nurture groups which are liked to nurture network.

The Nest staff also work with children in the classroom context offering key adult support, helping the children’s transition in the classroom.

The Nest staff are available each morning on the playground for a catch-up or for a drop-in session.