Oxenhope CE Primary School

Christian Values in Action


At Oxenhope, we are passionate about ensuring that our children show Christian values through their actions, not just words;

“Dear Children, let us not love with words or speech, but in actions and in truth”.  1 John  3:18.

To support everyone’s understanding of this, we celebrate examples of all members of our school showing Christian values in action.  When we see someone showing Christian values through their actions we recognise this through awarding our Christian Values in Action Certificates, when we come together for celebration worship, and promote these actions through our curriculum and in the classroom.

Community Value in Action

The value of community runs throughout our curriculum and everything we do at Oxenhope.  We want our children to take pride in their rural community and understand about their heritage and their place and their responsibilities in the wider world.

Below you will some some examples of this value in action:

Year 4 had a visit from Fruit Works and learnt about apple trees, apple juicing and global warming.  The children enjoyed planting trees, and from this they felt compelled to write to the Prime Minister about environmental issues.

Our very own staff model how to show love and how to help our community.  Mrs Parker was nominated and won a community award for providing Christmas lunch for the lonely in Queensbury.

Every year Mrs Woodhead collects Easter egg and Toys for different charities.

Miss Dawson works hard for our village, she organised Christmas lights for the village.  Together with the Village Council and school, organised the lights switch on, serving mince pies and drinks to our community.


Our children love to take part in community events, such as the Village Fete, the Oxenhope Charity Straw Race and the Sculpture Trail.  They also work hard raising money for different charities throughout the school year.


Love value in action.

A lot of our curriculum is dedicated to supporting children to understand what love means.  We dedicate specific lessons to understanding about relationships, our whole school ethos is about inclusion and celebrating differences.  We work hard with the children to help them understand this in order for them to live safe and happy lives.

We enjoy finding different opportunities to raise children’s self esteem and in turn, helping them to love themselves.  We enjoy taking part in Young Voices:

Mental health support is a big part of what we do at Oxenhope.  We take every opportunity to support our children and families through challenging times, to help them feel they are loved and have a safe place in school.  We offer opportunities to ensure that the children know they can overcome challenges, make mistakes, develop, grow and succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Once you have left our school family, you will always be part of Oxenhope.  We have a developed culture, where children’s legacies are never forgotten.


Growth value in action.

Our Oxenhope experience is based on children growing academically, spiritually and as well rounded people.  We value growth mindset principles and encourage a culture of resilience and perseverence.  We feel that these are skills for life.

Our family praise sessions, led by school staff and clergy, support spirtiual growth of our families.

Academic growth and progress is obviously a crucial part of what we try to achieve, we work hard with children to ensure they have the confidence and the mindset to step up to challenges, take risks, make mistakes in order to be the best learner they can be.  We encourage children to set ambitious goals, have visions of their future and what they want to achieve.  We contacted past pupils to find out where they are now, to provide our current children with real life role models.