Oxenhope CE Primary School

Sharks (Yr 3/4/5)

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Years 3, 4 and 5 Home Learning week 29th June – 3rd July

Here is all you’ll need for your learning this week. Remember to email your class teacher when you’ve completed your work. It’s up to you if you send each piece as you do it or if you send the whole week’s work in one go.





Week 4 Activity Planning

English: English Powerpoint

Maths: Maths Powerpoint

Compass Directions

Pirate Co-ordinates

Co-ordinates Space Challenge

RE: Thought Bubble

GPS Skills List

Year 4 Angles     Year 5 Angles




Years 3, 4 and 5 Home Learning week 22nd-26th June

Week 3 Activity Planning

English: Recount – The Best Day Ever!

Maths: Challenge Cards  Mental Maths

PSHE: Scenario Cards   Scenario Sheets

Geography: Picture Cards

Science: Changing State Powerpoint

Year 3 Maths Revision            Year 3 Maths Revision Answers

Year 4 Maths Revision            Year 4 Maths Revision Answers

Year 5 Maths Revision            Year 5 Maths Revision Answers


Years 3, 4 and 5 Home Learning week 15th-19th June

Week 2 Activity Planning

English/History: Samuel Pepys          Diary Writing: BBC Bitesize Link             Code writing

Maths: Yr 3 Problem Cards     Yr 4 Problem Cards     Yr 5 Problem Cards

Yr 3 Maths Revision           Yr 3 Answers

Yr 4 Maths Revision           Yr 4 Answers

Yr 5 Maths Revision           Yr 5 Answers

Art/DT Sculpture:  Hepworth Art  Family Portraits:  Victorian Family Photos

PSHCE: Keeping Safe  Scenario Cards

Science: Particles in Solids       Solid Liquid or Gas       Worksheets


Years 3, 4 and 5 Home Learning week 8th-12th June

Week 1 Activity Planning

Maths Questions Mon-Thu

Outdoor Learning

PSHCE Safe or Unsafe

Year 3 Friday Maths            Year 4 Friday Maths         Year 5 Friday Maths