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Monday night’s announcement will have triggered many different feelings for the many different people who make up our school community. We know that for some, the thought of home learning is scary and overwhelming so please be kind to yourselves and take some time to breathe. This time round, there is certainly an increased emphasis on remote learning and an expectation that children will complete tasks set each week. Whilst we’d like children to engage with the remote learning we’re busy preparing, we also appreciate that everyone’s home situation is different and that some of you may have other pressures which, on some days, may mean your child(ren) are unable to complete their school work. Please talk to us. If you’re struggling, let us know; we’ll always do whatever we can to help.  We’re teachers so of course we want your children learning but ultimately, we’re in this job because we care about children and families and our utmost concern is that you are your children are safe and happy.

What to expect.

Each week, starting on Monday 11th, work for the week ahead will be uploaded on to the website. Each year group has its own folder to make navigating the site easy for you.

Each week, your child will be provided with

Activities may be presented in different ways. We’ll be using the Oak Academy website so may direct you to a lesson on there. We may use other websites, worksheets, practical activities, research based work or independent tasks such as reading or TTRS. We will try to provide a variety of activities each week to suit all children.

When your child has completed their work, please email it to their class teacher

You can send us work in any form. This may be a PowerPoint, a photograph, a worksheet, a note to say what they’ve done (e.g. Read 12 pages of Horrid Henry) or any other way you choose to demonstrate your child has covered the work set.

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